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Identifying and Creating Channels for Effective Management...

The digital revolution has made the aspect of intellectual property complex and difficult to manage. Extensively experienced in the field of intellectual property management, Jitendra Intellectual Property untangles the complexities of intellectual property and creates a model for effectual management and greater revenue generation.

Changing from country to country the intricate laws of intellectual property can prove to be immensely difficult to comprehend.

But this is all set to change with us.

Employing the most effective practices, we help you tackle the entire value chain and provide the most advanced techniques based on rich industry experience for streamlining all the facets of Intellectual Property. Fully aware of the importance of time, patent strategies and legalities in countries all over the globe, we provide a customized intellectual property management service to suit your exact requirements.

What we Offer -

Utilizing the expertise of professionals that have an in-depth experience in intellectual property management we offer effective, effectual and purposeful intellectual property management services to a string of clients all over the globe.

From contract, rights and inventory management to settlement, reporting of incoming and outgoing royalties, creating, acquiring and selling rights we provide tailor made solutions for you. Our team of experts look after all the Intellectual Property needs including registration, licensing, and maintenance and we also offer counseling regarding Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Designs of the property.

By utilizing our expert Intellectual Property, companies across the globe have enriched their capacity to better track intellectual property and better utilize it for maximized returns.

Why opt for us -
  • Greater utilization of intellectual property for increased revenue generation
  • Transparent processes for increased management and swifter decision making
  • Precise account management of royalty, receipts and payments
  • Continual monitoring of performance of intellectual property
  • Efficient, economic and cutting edge methods for managing the property
Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property for greater performance, increased revenue generation and swifter actions.

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Trademark Registration UAE, Patent Registration UAE
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